Meet the Trainer

JoeProfilePhotoWEBI am a retired High School Math and Science teacher long fascinated by the growing scientific research that indicates that brain plasticity including memory function, physiological regulation and stabilization is not something that stops developing at a certain age but is available for enhancement at any age!

My wife and I moved to Bellingham in 2011 and opened our practice, after many years in Redding, California, in 2012. I am following my passion to assist people in healing through the brain-training technology of Neurofeedback. I have seen for many years in my students and myself the connection between our brain plasticity and our abilities and I am excited to help you find ways to enhance and improve the mind/body connection and unlock your brain’s potential.

I am married for the second time and have four children, most grown and one at home. I understand the difficulties of having someone you love struggle with learning challenges, ADD/ADHD and physiological problems that impact their abilities in the world. And as I grow older, I too am aware of the need for mental sharpness and clarity!

How I Work

I train your brain using the latest computer technology to strengthen and support your brain’s natural ability to self regulate. By monitoring your EEG (Electroencephalography) through the use of electrodes placed on your head you are reinforced to strengthen EEG frequencies that are clinical shown to promote self regulation and improve cortical health. This process improves overall brain function and enables an individual to experience a clearer, more relaxed and more focused state of being. A state that potentially opens the mind to new insights and ways of being.

My goal is to support you in improving your physiological self regulation so as to improve your overall function. This improved function will promote the activity of the powerful healing processes that is a natural part your central nervous system and its relationship to the rest of your body.

During training one client ended his 50 year childhood habit of biting his fingernails. This allowed him to be more effective at his job that required assembling and disassembling small mechanical devices. Not only was he more effective in the fine motor aspect of his work, but he became much less reactive to problems in his work place. He became part of a new work place culture and spent much less energy being withdrawn or reactive.

Training your brain to communicate in a more balanced way with the rest of your central nervous system takes time. Just like weight training or any practice, brain training needs consistent practice to maximize your results. You will be given a pre- and post-test that helps identify the areas of your brain that could potentially improve it’s function. I recommend a series of twice weekly 45-minute sessions for ten weeks as basic training for your brain.

For more information you may want to click on this link that describes Neurofeedback in depth Please feel free to call me at 360.306.7149 for a free 20-minute consultation, or email me at

Joe Asebedo