Meet the Therapist

andreatherapistI am a licensed psychotherapist and have been working in the mental health field since 2003. I specialize in relationship counseling for couples and individuals and have trained extensively to help you transform relationships that do not work and to break free from old hurts and negative patterns to live the life you have always wanted.

I am married for the second time and have four children, most grown and one at home so I understand the joys and difficulties of marriage, divorce, new love, child-rearing and blending families! This is actually why I became so passionate about helping others navigate the challenging depths of relationships and so interested in learning the tools that can help your relationships to flourish.

How I Work

Because I know that we need to consider your whole life including the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life, my approach is centered on helping you understand more clearly where you are and where you want to be. We then work together using a variety of tools to get you there.

The specific blend of counseling I offer is a combination of Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Experiential Therapy. Put simply, this means that the focus is on your direct experience of thoughts and feelings and the underlying and often unmet needs and desires you have as a person. Working together we challenge old beliefs and patterns that may have served you in the past but are not working now and bring to light new pathways of connection and experience that help you create the life you dream of.

Emotionally-Focused Therapy is based in the understanding that we all have a need to feel safe, secure and connected. The focus of this therapy is to dive down below the actual circumstances that are troubling to the unmet needs and desires underlying that the problem.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is centered on the thoughts and feelings that are often the basis of our negative beliefs about ourselves and our beloved others. This therapy works to identify and change the beliefs that may keep you locked in to feeling unworthy, unlovable and unhappy.

Experiential Therapy uses story, poetry, metaphor, art and other mediums to allow the deeper parts of our psyche to express. This therapy adds richness to your insight and involves body, mind and spirit.

EMDR  I am also trained as an EMDR therapist and use this break-through technique for those suffering unresolved trauma from childhood, medical or present day experience.

I would love to meet with you and determine how to help with your unique needs. Please feel free to contact me for a twenty-minute free consultation at or by calling my confidential line at 360.306.7149

Andrea Asebedo
License: LMFT #45413