Pre-Marital Counseling

What would it be like to walk up the aisle knowing that you possessed a fantastic array of tips, tools and talents that would super-charge your new life together and safeguard your marriage in the years ahead? Pre-marital counseling is designed to help you address the core beliefs and needs you each bring to the marriage and to integrate those while providing tried and true communication skills to make your marriage strong enough to last a lifetime. Issues that may be addressed include:

  • Children
  • Gender roles
  • Relationships with extended families
  • Former relationships
  • Blending families
  • Cultural and religious differences
  • Fighting fair

These issues can often swamp a new marriage and leave you shaken and doubtful of the strength of your union. Addressing them before the wedding, with an understanding counselor to guide you, can be the healthiest decision you make for your marriage!