Couples Therapy

If you sometimes feel like you are living with a stranger; if you long to feel the love and intimate closeness you once had; if you aren’t sure how to bridge the gap that seems to be widening between you every day or you feel as though discovering the affair has knocked you off your feet… you may wonder, “Can this relationship be saved?”

Relationship counseling can help repair the broken trust and restore the intimacy and connection you once had with one another. Your relationship is definitely worth working for! And working with couples like you and supporting you in the many challenges you face is Andrea’s special focus. She has trained extensively to help couples throughout the lifespan of their relationship navigate the pitfalls that happen in every long-term relationship including:

  • Healing from an affair
  • Feeling distant/ Growing apart
  • And baby makes three – parenting challenges of any age
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Getting past old hurts
  • Painful arguing

YourRelationshipIn a warm and safe environment, you both come together to recognize and understand the emotional needs and desires at the root of the issues you face. As a compassionate witness and an expert guide, Andrea will assist you in identifying the hidden dynamics and destructive patterns in your relationship and help you to break free of them, providing new tools and time tested ways to communicate your needs that will allow you to rediscover the joy, hope and closeness in your relationship. This work involves renewing trust and releasing the separation you both may be feeling – powerful work, important work that can strengthen each of you and transform your relationship!